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CheapAir Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Flight Bookings and Amtrak Fares

CheapAir Now Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Flight Bookings and Amtrak Fares

Earlier this year, CheapAir got some spotlight after they decided to accept Bitcoin payments for their hotel reservation service. Now they are at it once again, as they have decided to accept Bitcoins as a payment for flight bookings as well as Amtrak fares. This is great news for all cryptocurrency enthusiasts as it's now easier travelling using Bitcoins, as well as providing a more mainstream use for the general public.

Bitcoin is in generally being integrated much more these months, especially by industries who knows that the summer is their best months of the year. The travelling industry is no different and this is among the reasons why CheapAir decided to integrate Bitcoin payment for both hotel and flights now, making it easy to book an entire trip and pay with Bitcoins from the same place.

It will be possible to mix and match from the different options available on the website and for those wanting a more exclusive experience, business class is also available through Bitcoins. Amtrak Routes are only available in the states and so far only with a few of the most popular routes integrated, but CheapAir says that more will come in the future.

“At CheapAir, we believe customers should get the most travel options, the most payment options and the most personalized service available. We think it’s pretty cool when travelers can search Amtrak fares with their voice—from an airplane selected specifically for its WiFi—pay for train seats with Bitcoin from that airplane—and then get $100 back if their fares drop!” CEO if CheapAir, Jeff Klee said in a press release.

CheapAir have around 50 employees today, who are all familiar with the latest technologies. This made it easy to integrate Bitcoins as a payment method and it has provided the company with a whole new target base of customers.

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