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CEO of Mt Gox Mark Karpeles Says He Is a Victim In Mt Gox Bankruptcy

CEO of Mt Gox Mark Karpeles Says He Is a Victim In Mt Gox Bankruptcy

Mark Karpeles, the former CEO of the now shut-down Bitcoin exchange site Mt Gox, has told local Japanese Media that he is a victim in the case against his company, denying all claims that he was manipulating account balances while being in control of the company.

Karpeles has been investigated by the Japanese police over the missing Bitcoins in his exchange, but he claims to not have been aware of any Bitcoins going missing at any point. The charges against him came after it has been proven that he took out $2.6 million from Mt Gox to fund his own private projects, money which came from user accounts.

Karpeles claims that Mt Gox had always been run as a regular business and that no shady things happened at any point, giving no explanation towards how so many Bitcoins could disappear from Mt Gox without anyone noticing.

The Japanese police continues to investigate the case against Karpeles, who is also still being investigated for the other major Bitcoin losses in his company. Hopefully there will be some clarification on how it happened soon, so the Bitcoin community can safeguard against these type of problems in the future.