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Catalyst, Cryptocurrency Investment Trading Platform Launched By MIT Graduates

Catalyst Cryptocurrency Investment Trading Platform Launched By MIT Graduates

A trading platform solely dedicated to the cryptocurrencies has been created by a group of MIT graduates. The traders are allowed complete control over their data and make a profit while preserving anonymity is one of the unique characteristics of this platform, also that they can incorporate any variable they have into the algorithm.

Catalyst, the cryptocurrency trading platform was developed by the CEO of Enigma and a graduate of MIT, Guy Zyskind.

Catalyst platform requires traders to open payment channels in the currencies they want to trade in. a liquidity provider also needs to be chosen, where they can submit their orders and receive an online counterparty match.

Enigma intends to make Catalyst a live trading platform of Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs, which is usually handled through Ethereum smart contract. If implemented, Catalyst will be fully compatible with Ethereum’s payment network, Raiden Network.

Zyskind hopes that Enigma will be one of the driving forces that will push cryptocurrencies into the mainstream.