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Canadians Wants Their Pay-check in Bitcoins

Canadians Wants Their Pay check in Bitcoins

The Canadians are some of the most Bitcoin interested people in the world, as they continue to integrate Bitcoin payments in merchants, install Bitcoin ATM's around the country as well as continue to invest in the father of cryptocurrencies.


Now it seems that many of them also want to receive their salaries in Bitcoins instead of Canadian Dollars, according to research done by Waterloo, Ont, payroll company. WagePoint was set up last year by CEO Shrad Rao, who offered to pay salaries in Bitcoins, but didn't expect that anything would actually happen – he was wrong.


Currently around 10 different firms have employees who receives their salaries in Bitcoins, while many more are asking about the possibility. It is mainly high-tech companies who wants to be able to pay employees in Bitcoins, but also some smaller companies has shown interest. Several companies also contacted him to integrate Bitcoins as a payment method, which shows him that the Bitcoin is on the rise.


WagePoint also understands that the chances of Bitcoin payments for employees is to be spread is very slim, unless worldwide regulations on the area will come into effect. He still hopes that the business will continue to grow.

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