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Byteball to Deliver Second Round of Digital Currency Distribution

Byteball to Deliver Second Round of Digital Currency Distribution

Cryptocurrency platform Byteball has announced its second round of token (byte) release which will take place on Feb 17 at 0:33 (UTC). Byteball users are going to receive 0.1 gigabytes for every 1 GB of bytes held, as well as 0.625 GB against each BTC.

Digital currency was first distributed to the community when the network was launched last Christmas. Byteball then released over 70,000 BTCs in both native cryptocurrency and blackbytes, or untraceable private tokens.

Byteball is currently putting together the ecosystem around its platform. So far the company has developed e-wallets, private untraceable currency, bot-supported trading space and a bi-directional exchange for bitcoin and byte conversion.

A feature unique to Byteball’s platform is its Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) which replaces blockchain technology. That eliminates the scalability problems and delays encountered by Bitcoin and other blockchain-dependent systems.

Given its wide array of functions and services, Byteball seems to have a lot in store to meet the growing cryptocurrency market needs.