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Burger King Russia Launches Its Own Digital Currency, ‘Whoppercoin’

Burger King Russia Launches Its Own Digital Currency Whoppercoin

Burger King has joined the rat race to launch its own digital currency in Russia, where cryptocurrency game is still on. According to the local reports, the Russian subdivision of Burger Kind has launched its own cryptocurrency called “Whoppercoin”.

The digital currency is rolled out with a new loyalty program. A customer would receive one Whoppercoin for every whopper burger purchased, in a special cryptocurrency wallet. Though, as of now the currency’s broader use is unknown, reports suggest that the Whoppercoin could be used as a payment option across Burger King in Russia.

Whoppercoin was introduced on August 22, after the earlier reports of Burger King Russia accepting Bitcoin as payments came this summer. As of now, Burger King has reportedly issued one billion Whoppercoin tokens till now. There are chances that the Burger King launches more tokens to the market.



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