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BTC China Lowering Trading Fees for Users

BTC China Lowering Trading Fees for Users

BTC China, one of the biggest Bitcoin exchange platforms in the world, announced on Saturday that they will be reducing the trading fee's on their platform. The change will go from 0.3% of the total trading amount all the way down to 0.1%, effective from February 24th at noon local time.

BTC China furthermore announced that the traders that places limit orders in their system which will add to the liquidity of the market, will receive an additional 0.1% discount on all trades they do. This is good news for the former largest Bitcoin exchange in the world, as it will help get the liquidity up overall and perhaps boost them back to their former place.

BTC China already eliminated all trading fees in the Autumn of 2013, right before the big "China" boom happened to the Bitcoin, where the market was basically flooded by Chinese looking to get Bitcoins as an alternative payment method in the strict controlled country. When the Chinese government and banks announced that Bitcoins were not legal per se in the country, BTC China lost a large part of their business.

BTC China put trading fee's on all trades in the beginning of this year, but have apparently decided that the fees were too high for their users and want to try and regain popularity in the already swingy Bitcoin industry.

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