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Bristol Bitcoin ATM With $60,000 in Transactions in a Month

Bristol Bitcoin ATM With 60 000 in Transactions in a Month

The world has been conquered by Bitcoin ATM's this year, but not all are doing as well as the one that was installed in Bristol, UK. The ATM installed by SatoshiPoint had a massive £38,000 worth of transactions in August, or equal to around $60,000, showing that the English market is doing quite well with Bitcoins.


The ATM is installed inside a restaurant called Superfoods and was installed in June this year. The ATM had a total of 250 transactions in August and the biggest part of those were to buy Bitcoins and not to sell. Not only did the ATM bring valuable revenue to SatoshiPoint, but also to the restaurant it was installed in.


The ATM in Bristol is only one of four that SatoshiPoint has installed in the UK, with two in London, one in Brighton and then the final one in Bristol. But the company is not done installing Bitcoin ATM's in the UK, as their success has given them the taste for more.

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