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BlockPool Launches Token Exchange Campaign for Blockchain Product

BlockPool Launches Token Exchange Campaign for Blockchain Product

B2B blockchain application provider BlockPool is going to hold a token exchange campaign between May 1 and June 30. The company’s proprietary BlockPool Blockchain is based on the latest technology, smart contracts and delegated networks.

BlockPool is now aiming at putting in operationa globally scaled business plan that could reduce costs, enhance security and boost efficiency for any business that utilizes data. Companies in the fields of finance, music, copyright and other verticals have already expressed interest in the proposal.

According to Ken Foster, founder of BlockPool, the tokens offered by the company will bring about a new approach towards blockchain technology that will enable businesses to adopt the solutions at their own pace.

A total of 25 million BPL tokens will be offered to the community, out of which 20 million will be targeted at participants, 1.5 million at advisors, partners and contractors, and 3.5 million will remain for BlackPool shareholders.

No price label will be placed on the tokens for the duration of the campaign. Instead, BlockPool will let participants “donate” cryptocurrency and once the ICO finishes, will divide the total amount raised by 25 million BPL tokens.