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Blockchain Investment Group OutlierVentures.IO to undertake a 3-year R&D program with IC3RE

Blockchain Investment Group OutlierVentures.IO to undertake a 3 year R&D program with IC3RE

It was recently announced that the Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research & Engineering (IC3RE), along with OutlierVentures.IO will focus on industrial Blockchain, “deep tech”, autonomous robotics and machine learning.

A joint committee from both entities will set out to research selected unifying themes.  The 2017/2018 theme will be focused on Industry 4.0 that will cover IoT, automation of robotics and industrial 3D printing.

The expected innovations include:

•    machine-to-machine payments,

•    cryptographically unique and secure digital assets

•    legally enforceable smart contracts


Jamie Burke, CEO of Outlier Ventures recently stated:

“From day one we want to align all stakeholders needs; from students to the large corporations they want to work with, as well as us as investors to make sure start-ups can quickly establish product market fit, secure investment and win key partners and clients in order to rapidly scale into trading businesses”.