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Black Friday Will See 150 Bitcoin Retailers Joining In

Black Friday Will See 150 Bitcoin Retailers Joining In

Black Friday is coming up this Friday and it is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, shopping day of the year. Huge savings draws tons of people to shop online and in stores around the world. Black Friday can be a crazy day for brick and mortar retailers, but for online stores it is simply one of the best days of the year.

Bitcoin retailers have been participating since 2012, when Bitcoin became a well-used form of payment, with more and more joining every year. This year it is expected that several hundreds will participate on their own, but at least 150 retailers accepting Bitcoins have been announced by Private Internet Access.

The company is sponsoring a Bitcoin Black Friday, where companies can sign up and have their offers listed on the site. So far 150 retailers have joined and more might join before Friday to provide Bitcoin only offers to customers.

Hopefully the event will be a massive success and prove to the world that Bitcoins are not a bad thing to use and that it is a currency to use for the future. The benefits are many, both for consumers and companies, and we may just see more regular companies taking Bitcoin payments in the future after events like these.