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Bittylicious Adds StartCoin and DarkCoin to Their Platform

Bittylicious Adds StartCoin and DarkCoin to Their Platform

The online Cryptocurrency purchase platform, Bittylicious, announced the arrival of two more cryptocurrencies to their platform. It is StartCoin and DarkCoin which can now be purchased on the platform, but currently only for UK citizens through bank transfer as Credit and Debit card purchases will not be available for a while for these coins.

DarkCoin was integrated due to its comprehensive, in-built support for true anonymity, done through changes in the DarkCoin client and in the DarkCoin network. Users have the option to decide if a transaction should be public or private and the client and network will then make sure that your choice is lived up to.

StartCoin was created as a crowd funding cryptocurrency for the online crowd funding site StartJOIN, where users can plead for funding for one of their projects and thus help moving projects along that otherwise might not have happened.

Bittylicious had to remove some coins from their platform to make space for the two new cryptocurrencies. Bittylicious removed Namecoin, Auroracoin and Primecoin from their platform, so it is no longer possible to acquire these coins through them. The volume of purchases is said to be the main reason for the removal of these, simply because there were far from enough purchases being made.

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