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Bitstamp Resumes Trading Today

Bitstamp Resumes Trading Today

Bitstamp, one of the leading Bitcoin exchange sites who was hacked for 19,000 Bitcoins last week, announced today that they are ready to continue their operations and let their users continue to trade Bitcoins through their platform today.

The theft from the platform of 19,000 Bitcoin cost the operator around $5.2 million, but as the hackers could only gain access to a very small percentage of the Bitcoins, the operations can continue as normal now.

Bitstamp has upped their security levels as well as created new wallet addresses for all of their users, so that they can safely transfer Bitcoins to and from the platform again. All Bitcoins lost in the theft has been covered by Bitstamp, except if users continued to deposit Bitcoins into the wallet after seeing the warning message.

Bitstamp previously claimed to have a system which hackers would not be able to penetrate, after the scandal with Mt. Gox. This claim may have been true at the time, but it was not valid anymore unfortunately. Luckily for the customers, this hacking had a better outcome than most others in the past, as most exchange sites simply close down after losing coins as they cannot afford it.

If you are a Bitstamp customer, then you can login to your account later today and start trading as usual. All coins that were in your account prior to the hacking will still be there and can be transferred away if you should prefer that.

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