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BitPay Announces Trucoin ATM's as Official ATM of the Bitcoin Bowl

BitPay Announces Trucoin ATM's as Official ATM of the Bitcoin Bowl

Earlier this year, the world's leading Bitcoin payments provider BitPay, announced a sponsorship agreement with ESPN for them to sponsor a NCAA Bowl Final. The final was labelled as the “Bitcoin Bowl” and included that the many spectators would be able to pay for their tickets, food, drinks and everything else with Bitcoins.


The agreement has been made for the next four year and now BitPay announced that Trucoin will be the company who provides the Bitcoin for the masses at the events, having them installing several Bitcoin ATM's at the Bitcoin Bowl events.


“Trucoin’s sponsorship will facilitate the purchase of many Bowl fans’ first bitcoin. With so many merchants in St. Pete now accepting digital currency, these game attendees will be able to experience bitcoin shopping firsthand.” BitPay said in a press release.


The game will take place on December 26th and will feature two teams from the Atlantic Coast Conference and the American Athletic Conference. Here the fans will be able to experience the Bitcoin for the first time or perhaps just learn more about it. Trucoin will be providing custom-build ATM's for the event, allowing customers to buy Bitcoins with their debit and credit cards.


“With interest in bitcoin growing in step with the need for an easy way to acquire it, Trucoin offers an ideal point of entry for new bitcoin users. The ATMs provided by Trucoin will be placed throughout the area, allowing fans and travelers to top off their wallets and enjoy the full scope of bitcoin activities in St. Petersburg.” BitPay said.


It is expected that the Bitcoin bowl will make upwards of 100 people aware of the Bitcoin in some sort of way and it is believed that it will have a massive impact on the perception from the general public when they see it is not just something for computer geeks.

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