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BitPay and Revpar Guru in Partnership for New Hotel Booking Service

BitPay and Revpar Guru in Partnership for New Hotel Booking Service

Bitpay have teamed up with hotel revenue management software provider REVPAR GURU to create the "GuestLeader" system, which is "the world’s first and only bitcoin-compatible booking engine,”. GuestLeader is a new booking system for hotels that allows them to accept Bitcoin payments for their rooms.

Furthermore GuestLeader is an easy way for hotels to integrate Bitcoin payments for their bookings and take advantage of the same benefits as other Bitcoin merchants do, such as low transaction costs and fast payments. The users will be able to use GuestLeader to make reservations at hotels and pay with Bitcoins, even without the hotel be very tech-savvy, as GuestLeader handles it for them.

“Hotels of any size will have the ability to accept payment in bitcoins (and by doing so, attract a new and emerging customer) without having a great deal of technical knowledge.” REVPAIR GURU said in a statement.

GuestLeader works just like any other booking system where the guest will fill out the personal information and then selects the rooms and additional services that they would like to purchase. Once everything has been selected, the guest will be able to choose to pay with credit cards or with Bitcoins. If the customer choose Bitcoin, a QR code will appear on the screen that will need to be scanned and then the payment will process automatically from the mobile Bitcoin wallet.

BitPay is the payment processor for the system and will ensure that Bitcoins are converted into fiat money at the same rate as the purchase was made with, which ensures that the hotel will never lose any money on accepting Bitcoins. 

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