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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 35,133.61 With Positive Reports for First Months With Positive Reports for First Months

New Bitcoin related businesses starts up more or less every single day and while we only hear about a few of them, many have some success without reaching mainstream media's attention, while most close down relatively fast due to not being able to profit or targeted a market that really didn't exist.

Now released the data for their first two months of operation, showing not only great figures trading wise, but also user wise. reports that has had worth $1,000,000 in transactions, equal to around 2,400 Bitcoins, having a total of 5,000 users registered, who did 23,000 transactions in total. Notable is that all users making transactions also used the two-actor authorisation system installed by BitcoinWallet.

“We have a growing density of users in developing regions where bitcoin offers convenience and cost advantages over traditional banking and remittance services,” Price Givens, Co-founder of said. “In particular we see adoption of our service in Africa, Indonesia and India" he added. is based out of Orange County in sunny California and started only a few months back, with the help of a investment capital. The site aims to become a competitor to the lucrative Bitcoin wallet market online and provide security and user-friendliness to users.

“The fact that our users have transacted over $1,500,000 [not based on current exchange rate] through our system serves to further confirm the viability of bitcoin as well as the benefits of and our instant user to user transfer feature,” Co-founder of, Alex Charfen said.

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