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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 30,766.39 Launches New Site and Forum Launches New Site and Forum

Bitcoin is still something that most people don’t understand the concept behind. There are many sites out there that can educate the people about Bitcoins, but many cannot compete with the domain

The domain was purchased by angel investor Roger Ver, who has created a site where people can get to know everything they need about the Bitcoin. There will be information about the price, wallets and how to secure the coins safely.

The site will also feature a news section and a forum section, where users can submit their own stories or help each other out. Common for the entire site is that it is being run by the community and that it will evolve around just that.

To get the site up and running and to entize people to participate in the community, the site is offering the chance for its users to win $1,000 in Bitcoin prizes by participating in the forum and write the most useful post.

The site will also be selling advertising spaces and subdomains to companies who are willing to pay for the service. If it will be worth anything is up to you to decide.