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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 48,969.40

Bitcoin Value Under $400 Again

Bitcoin Value Under 400 Again

The Bitcoin value is more swingy than it has been for several months, as it continues to rise and fall within the $390-$450 spectrum. With the positive news coming from PayPal about allowing their subsidiary Braintree to offer Bitcoin payments, the value rose above $450 at one point, showing a massive positive trend.


The positive trend didn't last very long however, as the value quickly started dropping only a few days after the market had been all about positivity. This is what the Bitcoin has been all about this year, a decreasing value which is only kept up for a very short time once there's some big positive news like PayPal allowing Bitcoin payments or when Overstock started accepting the coins.


As the Bitcoin cannot continue to produce positive news that is the same size as the PayPal news, it will be interesting to see if the value will continue to go down or if it will manage to stabilize around the $350 mark on its own.

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