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Bitcoin Value to Increase to $1,200 According to Experts

Bitcoin Value to Increase to 1 200 According to Experts

The Bitcoin has been the talk of the town for several mainstream news media's across the globe for a while now and it seems that more and more people are getting fascinated with the cryptocurrency and what it stands for. Combine this with a stable value in the past month and many large companies beginning to accept the Bitcoin, the future looks bright, really bright according to some experts.

Experts believes that the Bitcoin will go from its current value of around $600-630 back to its former prime of $1,200 within a short period of time, a 200% increase. Some are even more optimistic and believes that $2,000 is not impossible either, since the market has matured a decent amount with the worst start-up errors and scams out of the way.

Geoff Lewis, Partner at the Founders Fond said yesterday at the Coin Summit in London that he believes that the value of the Bitcoin will go through the roof very shortly and Roger Ver, also known as Bitcoin Jesus, stated that he believes that it might hit $2,000 in a conservative estimate.

"We don't know if it will happen this year but there's no doubt in my mind that Bitcoin's price is going to be thousands of dollars and, almost for sure, tens of thousands of dollars for one." Ver added.

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