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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 33,108.22

Bitcoin Value Surges Past $300 Mark

Bitcoin Value Surges Past 300 Mark

The Bitcoin seems like it is making a great comeback for all of the enthusiasts out there. The price has been steadily going up and down this year, swinging between $180 and $240 in value, but that has ended now.

The bullish tendencies for July means that the Bitcoin has reached a value of over $300 a piece at the time of this article, which is the highest Bitcoin price this year. The price surge is largely being credited to the crisis in Greece, but in reality that only had a small part in the price surge.

Instead the Bitcoin is finally reaching the value that the level of trust entitles it for. We are seeing more and more small, medium and large corporations accepting the Bitcoin as a payment method, we see banks and startups looking into the technology behind it to use in future projects and we see more and more “regular” people taking an interest in the Bitcoin and purchasing coins.

So the price movement is not a surprise to those who understands how a currency is valued. Instead it is slightly more suprising that the value has been able to stay as low as it has for so long, when it has clearly been worth more.

Hopefully the Bitcoin can continue to build on on its good reputation and let the value continue to rise to a level where it makes sense for even more companies to accept it, so we can build trust and a healthy eco-system around it.