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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 32,152.40

Bitcoin Value Stable at $380

Bitcoin Value Stable at 380

The Bitcoin value seems to have stabilized quite well over the past couple of month, having been stable around the $375 value. The value has gone up and has gone down from this number, but it seems that this is where we will see the value be, going into a new year with a fresh start.


Compared to 90 days ago, the Bitcoin has fallen from around $465 in value down to $380 on average, which is a significant drop in value, but given that the value has stabilized since then and that there's plenty of new initiatives coming in 2015, the future looks positive for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.


The current market capitalization for the Bitcoin is around $5.1 billion, which is still a massive number and attracts plenty of new businesses into accepting the cryptocurrency. With an increased exposure, a positive news flow on a regular basis and a mainstream acceptance of the Bitcoin will ultimately increase the value, if the coins are made easy to purchase through ATM's or online.


One thing is for sure and that is that even if the Bitcoin won't become the next payment method across the globe, the technology used by cryptocurrencies will be adapted and used in the future. 

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