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Bitcoin Value Stabilized at $370

Bitcoin Value Stabilized at 370

It's Monday and it is time for another update on the Bitcoin value and how it has gone in the past week and weekend's time. The value is still stable around the $370-$380 mark, where it has been for the past months if you take out the many notorious swings that it has experienced along the way.


The past week has had plenty of feel good stories, such as BitPay integrating an application for NationBuilder, so that the sites can easily accept Bitcoin donations completely free. Furthermore they also made agreements Red Cross so that they can accept Bitcoin donations free as well.


Unfortunately there was also some bad news, as the Bitcoin Foundation had to release a statement regarding scam sites copying legitimate Bitcoin sites, to scam users out of their Bitcoins. The sites are made as exact copies and asks for users Bitcoin wallet address to plant a trojan to lure out your password and steal your coins.


This has meant that the value has been relatively stable throughout the week, as the good and bad news has added up and haven't made a huge difference in the market. We are approaching the new year shortly and things are looking much more positive than it did one year ago.

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