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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 37,172.54

Bitcoin Value Plummeting Again

Bitcoin Value Plummeting Again

Here we go again. The Bitcoin industry continues to provide new interesting ideas to the payments industry, the merchants are advertising the possibility to pay with Bitcoins and the news regarding Bitcoin is in general positive, but despite that, the Bitcoin value has plummeted down once again and is at the time of this article at a price level of $317.8.


The industry needs to ask itself what it is doing wrong, as this cannot continue if the world ever wants to see cryptocurrency adapted to the mainstream public. Why is it that the value of a Bitcoin can go down almost 20% in a weekend, after already having lost upwards of $600 in value since the beginning of the year?


It seems that the overall belief in Bitcoin as a currency or transaction method has never been bigger, but at the same time the value is dropping like it's internet stock in the 00's. If the biggest Bitcoin entrepreneurs and enthusiasts go together and analyse where the problem is for Bitcoin to become stable value wise, then there's still hope that one day it can keep a decently high value and become stable there.


As it is now, it is not something that you will get any mainstream adaptors to buy, as no one wants to lose 240e when they buy worth $1,000 of Bitcoins. Mainstream adaptors are not interested in speculation into currency swings, but want something they know what is worth, which currently seem to be the biggest issue for the Bitcoin.

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