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Bitcoin Value on the Rise Again

Bitcoin Value on the Rise Again

The Bitcoin value is on the rise again, as the value has gone up around $20 in the past 24 hours, going from $355 to $375 per Bitcoin in the trading market. While this still marks a downwards trend over the past seven days, it is relatively stable in its value compared to one month ago.


The volatility is a problem for those holding coins to use it for gambling, spending or whatever else, but for trading it is still the key to its success. Without the volatility, the Bitcoin wouldn't be traded as much as it is and it wouldn't get the same amount of attention it is currently getting.


On the other hand, the massive trading is what sparks the volatility, which then again causes many mainstream people to not purchase it. The average person is not interested in purchasing a currency, which can lose upwards of $80 in value per coin over the course of just a couple of weeks.


Many believe that if the Bitcoin is to become regulated in countries such as the UK, that it will then put an end to the volatility, but isn't that undermining the whole concept of cryptocurrencies? No matter what, it seems that the Bitcoin is here to stay for now and despite the value being much lower than 12 months ago, it still has value enough for most people to use it and for companies to invest in it.

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