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Bitcoin Value Continues to Decline

Bitcoin Value Continues to Decline

The weekend is coming and that usually means that the Bitcoin value will regain some of the value that it lost over the week. Since Monday, the value has gone from above $400 a Bitcoin to being down to $342 last night, which is a $60 swing or around 15%, that the value goes up and down within five days.


The value of the Bitcoin is around $350 at the time of this article, with yet another small downwards trend showing in the daily graph. It is expected that the Bitcoin will boost itself back over $400 by Monday, but it is far from certain it will happen as many are cashing out before December, based on last year's disaster trading numbers.


The Bitcoin is suffering under the fact that the demand for Bitcoins are becoming smaller and smaller, despite the fact that there's much more focus and advertising for the Bitcoin. However, the more the mainstream crowd will hear about Bitcoin, the higher is the chance that they will eventually begin to buy them.

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