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Bitcoin Tumbles Back Over $320 Level

Bitcoin Tumbles Back Over 320 Level

The weekend was hard on the Bitcoin once again, as the Bitcoin reached record low levels of $275, which is the lowest in more than 1.5 years. The reason for decrease in value for the Bitcoin is uncertain and many of us are simply taking a guess when we try to speculate towards why it fell.


The fact of the matter is that the Bitcoin has once again bounced back almost instantly, as it is currently back at its $325 level, as it was just last week. The bounce back came without any positive news so far this week, and is probably a counter reaction from the community to the many news articles that we all posted regarding the fall of the Bitcoin value.


Hopefully the Bitcoin will manage to keep its value over the weekend this time or at least go in a positive direction so we can all boost some happiness regarding the Bitcoin, instead of having to write about the value falling week after week.

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