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Bitcoin Staying Under $400 Mark

Bitcoin Staying Under 400 Mark

The Bitcoin has had a rough week, despite overall good news from most angles. It has once again lost a massive 20% of its total value and people who are new to the whole cryptocurrency industry were not pleased with the extreme swings that the value has taken.


On Friday it looked like the Bitcoin was going to bounce back, as it reached levels of around $440 after having gone down almost $70 in the 24 hours before. The excitement was not long though, as the Bitcoin quickly fell in value again and remained under the $400 mark until now, where it is currently priced at $396.6 on average.


But maybe it is better that the Bitcoin founds some steady ground now, price wise, to ensure that it doesn't continue to have these massive drops. Being stable around $350-$400 is not necessarily a bad thing (except from those who invested big at a much higher price), as it could provide some much needed stability for the industry to market the coin as well as make it easier for everyone to spend them in stores.

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