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Bitcoin Stabilizing at $360

Bitcoin Stabilizing at 360

Phew.... October hasn't exactly been the best month for the Bitcoin so far, as it started out by losing a tremendous part of its total value, equal to almost 20% within a few days and hit levels as low as $270, the lowest in more than 18 months.


The faith in the Bitcoin is very strong though and the community and the biggest exchanges stuck their necks together and helped the Bitcoin back on its way already after the weekend had finished. The Bitcoin value started to rise again and with a few positive news stories along with no negative ones, the Bitcoin has regained all the value it lost last week and even gained some this week.


Hopefully the positive trend for the Bitcoin can continue for a while now, at least to keep the value stable. With some big Bitcoin summit's coming up, more merchants integrating Bitcoins payments – With the latest beingWix and Snapcard, as well as more companies investing towards Bitcoin industry improvements.

News by Daniel Allermand
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