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Bitcoin Stabilizing Above $400

Bitcoin Stabilizing Above 400

The Bitcoin prize has stabilized above the $400 price mark over the weekend, after having been up over $430 and then below $350 again last week. The weekend has caused the Bitcoin to stabilize at around $405 in value, with minor swings up and down in value.


The Bitcoin trading market has been relatively quiet over the weekend, which has helped the Bitcoin to keep its stable value. Combining that with the fact that there's been no bad news in regards to the Bitcoin in a while and more and more companies are interested in the cryptocurrency, the value seems to stabilize and perhaps increase shortly.


If the Bitcoin can keep up the positive trend it has experienced lately, it might cause the Bitcoin to be able to go above $500 in value before the end of the year. It will be interesting to see how much the Bitcoin will increase in value next year and if it will become even more widely accepted and which big name companies will integrate the payment method.

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