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Bitcoin Sportsbook Cloudbet Takes Over BetVIP

Bitcoin Sportsbook Cloudbet Takes Over BetVIP

Big news in the Bitcoin betting industry today, as it was announced that BetVIP is closing shop, citing “increasingly restrictive legal environment” as the reason for such. It is far from the first site to close shop in the Bitcoin industry, but the company had promoted itself heavily and invested in a new poker room just a few months ago.

BetVIP suspended their trading activity on June 12th and has since then been working on a solution for their players to continue playing with another company. Today it was announced that Cloudbet, one of the leading Bitcoin betting sites, will absorb BetVIP’s player base as well as balances.

This means that all BetVIP players can now access their BetVIP accounts at Cloudbet and continue to play and bet or cash out their funds. There are no restrictions towards cash outs for BetVIP customers and they will also be receiving unique promotions to get started on Cloudbet.

"Acquiring the BetVIP player base brings relief to BetVIP players who have been waiting several weeks for access to their funds," said Leandro Rossi, managing director of Cloudbet. "We have made the transition as seamless as possible for players, and they can access their accounts and funds immediately at"

"This strengthens the Cloudbet brand as well as both the bitcoin and betting communities," Rossi continued. "BetVIP customers can enjoy all of the exciting sports betting, casino, and mobile services that Cloudbet offer, safe in the knowledge that they are supported by Cloudbet's track record and history of delivering high-quality and safe online betting services."

"This latest acquisition, along with our instant deposits and withdrawals and our industry leading security practices for cold storage and 2-Step Authentication, helps solidify Cloudbet’s position as the premier bitcoin betting destination for customers looking for a safe, enjoyable gaming experience."