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Bitcoin Scam Messages Appear on Merge Network Skin

Bitcoin Scam Messages Appear on Merge Network Skin

PokerHost, a skin on the Merge Poker Network, was plagued by a barrage of fraud messages being sent to its players from within the system, urging them to send money to a Bitcoin address in they wished to make a deposit.

The message used the built-in messaging system and was delivered to players on their system tray popup. It read "add ballance by Bitcoin and take a 25% discount". Additionaly, players were asked to send an email to a Gmail address for more information.

Merge Poker Network does not yet support Bitcoin, which is unussual since its one of the very few US facing poker networks in the world. The messages were fraudulent in nature and were designed to lure players into sending BItcoin transfers to an (as of yet) unknown receiver.

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