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Bitcoin Rises $70 in Value in Three Days

Bitcoin Rises 70 in Value in Three Days

The past months has been more than turbulent for the Bitcoin, with more and more cases about hackings and thefts from private users as well as from exchange sites, Mt.Gox closing down and leaving behind a loss of $700 million worth of Bitcoins and many other things that has hurt the value and image of the Bitcoin tremendously.

But while the media has had a primary focus on the negative things regarding cryptocurrencies, the community and the companies who have invested not only time, but also money into cryptocurrencies, decided to go in the opposite direction and ensure that there would be something positive to write about.

And that is what has happened. We see more and more larger companies integrating Bitcoin payments on a daily level, we see entrepreneurs starting up new innovative businesses using Bitcoins and we see that more and more mainstream folks understands and starts using Bitcoins thanks to the installation of Bitcoin ATM's all over the world.

It is important to remember that every single thing in the world that turns out to be a game changer at some level will meet a lot of resistance from different persons and companies. The Bitcoin is no different and we have only seen the start of the resistance, as we all know that when it begins to take over the conventional credit card payment market, the banks will do everything in their power to stop cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin is currently worth $530 for 1 Bitcoin and while it less than half of what it used to be worth, it is also five times higher than it was worth a little over a year ago. Everything has happened so fast with the Bitcoin, that even the most dedicated users have troubles keeping up. The Bitcoin is still volatile, more volatile than most other currencies, but don't let that stop you from supporting something that could change the way we look at finances in the future.

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