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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 34,866.16

Bitcoin Records A New High, Despite Hard Fork On Its Way

Bitcoin Records A New High Despite Hard Fork On Its Way


The Bitcoin prices briefly surpassed the $4800 mark for the first time yesterday, recording an all-time new high. As per the Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) of CoinDesk, the prices went up as much as $4,802.40 before falling to the previous record marks in the digital coin trading.
The recorded value is one of the major hits; Bitcoin has reached this year. The digital currency rates have gone up by 400% from January’17 to this date. The currency which has surpassed all the price level marks of $2,000, $3,000 and $4,000 mark is now racing towards its next target of $5,000. 
The currency after recording a high value of over $4,800 mark was trading at $4,756.21 at the press time. 
The rise in the prices of the currencies comes, despite the cryptocurrency potentially split in two in November, when the Bitcoin would undergo a hard fork. The constant rise in the price of Bitcoin shows the enthusiasm around the digital currency.
The rising interest in the digital assets has pushed the total market capitalisation of all the cryptocurrencies from $17.7 billion at the beginning of the year to all time high of $172.9 billion yesterday, as per CoinMarketCap.