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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 33,613.32

Bitcoin Races Up To Cross $4000 Mark

Bitcoin Races Up To Cross 4000 Mark

In what seems to be the booming time for the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin crossed the $4000 mark on Saturday. The currency proved the predictions of the Bitcoin price prediction pundit, Vinny Lingham by hitting the exact price marks.

The price first crossed the $3709 mark and dropped to somewhere in the mid range of $3600, further lowering to $3620. The prices then spiked all of a sudden and reached above $3800, a record high. It finally reached the $4000 mark and traded as high as $4,000.93, more than 7 percent higher near $3,941.

Ever since the currency has crossed the $3000 mark recently, it showed extremely bullish sign. Traders were set to buy the digital token, waiting for a dip in price. The currency, however, has been on the rise ever since with hardly any dips.

The rising trend in the prices of Bitcoin suggests longevity in the surge; it further suggests a potential for even higher price rise. With the market prices running over $3700, there seems to be another upward trend. The sudden surge indicates the confidence in the market with SegWit on the table.