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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 36,155.00

Bitcoin Prize On the Rise Again

Bitcoin Prize On the Rise Again

Things are looking good for the Bitcoin again, as it is approaching the $375 mark once again, after having had a small downswing to the $330 area. It seems the Bitcoin will continue to be stable within a $50 swing, between $340-$390 for the rest of the year, which is good news for those holding a larger amount of coins.


Bitcoins are once again becoming more and more attractive for people to purchase, after more and more online companies began giving discounts to people paying with Bitcoins. So even if you have to purchase the Bitcoins from scratch, it will still be cheaper than just paying with your regular payment methods.


The seven day trend for the Bitcoin is looking good, as the coin has been on a general rise in value, with just a few minor bumps in the road along the way. Still the Bitcoin is down several hundred percent in value since the start of the year, but things are looking better for the Bitcoin which is seeing support from huge companies around the globe.

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