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Bitcoin Prices Slips Under $4,000 Mark In Wake Of Rumoured Regulatory Scrutiny

Bitcoin Prices Slips Under 4 000 Mark In Wake Of Rumoured Regulatory Scrutiny

The Bitcoin prices have slipped back below $4,000 in the fear rumoured regulatory scrutiny. The prices of the digital asset fell below $4,000 at around 3:15 UTC today, to reach a record low not observed since September 10.  The movement came after Bitcoin price repeatedly neared $4,000 but managed to stay above the barrier.

The move comes in at a time which is highly doubtful for the crypto market which experienced a period of sideways trading following a hot first half in 2017.

Despite the decline, the price of Bitcoin is still up by 1.7 percent from the last month, and it has in all managed to be rise by 300 percent this year. Similarly, the major cryptocurrency markets experienced similar activity, going up by 3.4 % over the past one month, but suffering a fall in price by more than 17 percent from its highest point, as per the CoinMarketCap data.

With the current turmoil caused by the rumours of China moving to close domestic order-book exchanges have raised concerns from casual investors. With the statements coming from known community figures these rumours are getting attested for accuracy claims. The exchanges based in China continue to operate normally, which means they are yet uninformed of any operational changes.