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Bitcoin price sets new high for 2016

Bitcoin price sets new high for 2016

The Bitcoin price is pushing ceilings higher and higher. On April 20th, one Bitcoin was worth just under $436, and the price kept rising ever since. At the time of publishing, Bitcoin price was trading at $459.86, reaching a peak of $470.02 in the early hours of Monday.



This price is a record for 2016, with it's highest peak before this week being $438.98. Bitcoin launched the much-awaited code for Segregated Witness (SegWit) last week, and within that week the price of Bitcoin is going from strength to strength.



The SegWit code is a touted temporary solution for the block size congestion that will help scale block capacity, until a hard fork is implemented. The release of this code is likely to be the main reason why the Bitcoin price has risen that much over the past week.

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