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Bitcoin Price Plummets Further - Lowest Level Since Early 2013

Bitcoin Price Plummets Further Lowest Level Since Early 2013

2015 doesn't seem to be the year of cryptocurrencies, as all of them more or less has come off to a bad start. The Bitcoin was expected to have a great year this year, with all the money invested into Bitcoin businesses the past year, but it seems those predictions were wrong, very wrong.

The Bitcoin value has plummeted once again and is now at a level of just around $200-$210 per Bitcoin, the lowest levels since the start of 2013 where the general public the first time started to notice the Bitcoin - For the value going up.

Many Bitcoin enthusiasts started the blame game towards why the cryptocurrency started falling so rapidly, blaming everything from speculators, payment processors to idiots not understanding what a cryptocurrency is. The truth is probably a mixture of all of the above combined with all the thefts, scams and missing integration for larger corporations.

There is still a chance for the Bitcoin to become a mainstream payment method and for it to revolutionize how we process funds, but it isn't looking too positive at the moment. While the total market capitalization is declining rapidly, it doesn't leave much room for companies to accept a currency which will only make it possible to increase their revenues or profit a tiny bit.

If the Bitcoin stands a chance at survival as a mainstream currency, the security needs to be better, the branding and marketing needs to be a lot better and increase and finally all scams and thefts needs to be stopped, otherwise it will forever be an unstable valued insecure currency which the big boys will never play with. 

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