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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 36,550.00

Bitcoin Price Hits Six-Month Low - Under $200 a Bitcoin

Bitcoin Price Hits Six Month Low Under 200 a Bitcoin

The Bitcoin is gaining more and more mainstream popularity in these days, with more and more companies using Bitcoins or its technology and the general population trying it out to see what it is all about.

But despite all the positivity in the Bitcoin community and around the world, the Bitcoin is still struggling to find its price ground. The Bitcoin has had some decent sized swings in value this year, but now it seems that it is about to hit rock bottom again, as the price is the lowest in six months.

The Bitcoin was down to a price under $200 a piece, hitting $198 according to Coindesks Bitcoin price index. While it has been down to a similar price earlier this year, it wasn’t expected to reach those levels again already.

There is still some hope however, as the major stock crisis in China might boost the Bitcoin price significantly within a short period of time, as people will want to own a currency that isn’t Chinese and thus not lose out massively on their private funds value.

No matter what, we need the Bitcoin to gain some ground and stabilize at a higher value while corporations and individuals around the world continues to work towards a future where the Bitcoin has a role to play in the financial markets.