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Bitcoin Nearing $400 Trading Mark

Bitcoin Nearing 400 Trading Mark

The Bitcoin is on the rise again, now nearing the $400 trading mark, which is the highest since October 22nd. The Bitcoin has had a down period since then where the value has plummeted several times, reaching its lowest value on November 3rd where it was at around $315.


Many things has been said and written about the Bitcoin in recent time, but it seems almost certain that it will be the next big payment method, or at least the technology behind the Bitcoin will be. All of this, combined with good news and a positive market, has caused the value to rise once again and might send it over $400 per Bitcoin.


With the news that Bitcoins can now be used to trade real estate notes on Wall Street, a brand new industry opened up for companies who are interested in utilizing the Bitcoin in some way. If the Bitcoin could get a good end to the year trading wise, then it might help more companies to invest and find an interest in cryptocurrencies.


The total market capitalization for the Bitcoin is currently at $5,262,250,970 according to, who tracks all the price movements for the Bitcoin and all other bigger cryptocurrencies. It has had triple that value just a year ago, but as we all know the market almost collapsed in the start of this year, after bad news from China.

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