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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 32,704.91

Bitcoin hits All-Time High at over $2,900 mark

Bitcoin hits All Time High at over 2 900 mark

 The most sought after cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has been riding high for the past few months. It has now nearly reached close to $3,000 mark and up by $1500 in just 30 days. Bitcoin has hit an all-time high at $2,911.86 yesterday, with the current rate setting at $2838.03.

This news comes out to be a huge one for previous investors in the currency as people are becoming billionaires overnight.

66% of the global Bitcoin market is controlled by the US and Japan Bitcoin exchange market, with a combined trading volume of $246.7 million, which could have led to the current surge.

According to the BPI, Bitcoin began below $2,500 this month, trading as low as $2,330.23 on June 1. As per Coindesk reports markets climbed over the $2,700 mark for the first time on Monday, rising steadily during the trading session.