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Bitcoin Getting TV Network in Finland

By Daniel Allermand

If everything goes as it should do, then the people of Finland can look forward to having the first programs about Bitcoin on TV by September. The project is called Kryptoradio and is the result of a partnership between Koodilehto,a cooperation specializing in open technology and Bitcoins from Finland, and another group known as FIMKrypto.

The group has secured a deal which allows them to broadcast any updates on the Bitcoin blockchain across the digital terrestrial television in Finland. The group has decided to work together with Digita, which is a Finnish  TV network who are the provider for around 95% of Finland, equal to around 5 million people.

To start with the broadcasting will last for two months, but may continue if it is a success and if the group can find the funds to continue to operate. The show will consist of blockchain updates as well as Bitcoin exchange updates, so you can always stay up to date with all the latest news.

It will be interesting to see if broadcasting the blockchain through digital TV will make any difference for the blockchain and the attacks on it as well as to see if it will actually become a success that will continue for more than just a couple of months.v

Daniel Allermand

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