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Bitcoin Experiencing Another Price Drop

Bitcoin Experiencing Another Price Drop

What a year it has been for the Bitcoin. After the end of last year where everyone was talking about buying Bitcoins and the price skyrocketed through the roof, this year has been horrible for the Bitcoin price wise, despite it being the year with most adoption, integration and legalization than ever before in its history.


The past couple of months has been good news on top of each other, only with a few bad cases regarding Bitcoin, but still the value has not stabilized. A few weeks back, the value had dropped all the way to around $300 a coin, only to rise within 24 hours to $400 and above that after.


Now the Bitcoin is back at it again, having dropped $75 in value over a couple of days, currently valued at $325 per coin. This week has not had any extraordinary good or bad news, which makes the massive price drop even more strange, leading the thoughts over towards that someone is trying to manipulate it in the trading world.


No matter what, it seems that the Bitcoin will not be able to regain the position, power and price that it used to have. If it cannot stabilize its value and gain momentum when PayPal subsidiary decided to integrate and offer Bitcoin payments, along with thousands of small and big companies around the world and more than 300 Bitcoin ATM's around the globe, well when will it?

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