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Bitcoin Cash Prices Go Up, Crosses $700 Mark

Bitcoin Cash Prices Go Up Crosses 700 Mark

The prices of Bitcoin Cash pushed high, crossing $700 mark on Thursday. The currency was trading for as high as $718 per coin on Thursday morning, up by almost 8%. The digital token has since come down, trading at around $695.

Bitcoin Cash led a massive cryptocurrency rally on Wednesday that followed market crash, early in the week. The crackdown on the crypto currency market by major financial regulators resulted in this crash which led to the loss of over 20% of the digital currency market caps.

The prices of Bitcoin Cash have fluctuated since the split from its original currency, Bitcoin on August 1. Soon after its launch, it went up to over $700 per coin, dropping to $200 by August 6. The fluctuation in the prices of crypto currencies in their early days is normal. However, the prices of the Bitcoin Cash have been stable at $550 since August end.

At present, it is more profitable to mine Bitcoin Cash than Bitcoin.