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Bitcoin Aiming for $400 Again

Bitcoin Aiming for 400 Again

The Bitcoin continues to rise in value after the weekend has passed, currently valued at around $379 and on the rise. It is not more than 8 days ago that the Bitcoin went down a massive 20% in value, virtually overnight, and reached the lowest levels in more than 18 months at $280 per Bitcoin.


The Bitcoin has made an amazing return since then, with a week and weekend boasting of nothing but positive news all around. This almost brings the Bitcoin back to its previous stable $400 level, where it still had so much value that many companies found it interesting to utilize and accept.


If the Bitcoin continues to rise in value at this paste, there might be a realistic chance of it reaching levels above $600 this year. That would take a lot faith in the Bitcoin from outside investors, no regulations going against the usage of Bitcoins for private or companies as well as no more hackings, scams or similar.


If these criterias are fulfilled, then it might just happen and we might be able to see yet another boom in the Bitcoin trading world, as well as in the Bitcoin payments industry as people are willing to spend money they have made through investments.

News by Daniel Allermand
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