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BitCart Dashes up With Dash, Bids a Goodbye to Bitcoin

BitCart Dashes up With Dash Bids a Goodbye to Bitcoin

Ireland-based discount gift card platform, BitCart is now accepting Dash only and is no longer accepting Bitcoin because of the slow processing time, crippling the company’s ability to provide a 24-hour turnaround to customers.

The huge growing demand of the cryptocurrency is evidential from the decision of the company to accept Dash only. Dash has risen from a market cap of $ 77 million to $1 billion. With its exclusive commitment to BitCart, it has been able to meet the demands for the gift card platform.

Unlike Bitcoin, Dash completely solves the instant transaction and settlement problems and is by far the best e-commerce token in the world according to Graham de Barra, BitCart CEO.

As high as 90% of BitCart’s orders were due to Dash, soon after they started accepting the currency and discarding the previous Bitcoin, the orders of which sometimes took as long as three weeks to verify and settle.