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As China’s Exit Hangover Persists, Bitcoin Prices Continue To Suffer

As China s Exit Hangover Persists Bitcoin Prices Continue To Suffer

The bitcoin prices have come down on Friday, raising speculation that the market is still not over China’s exit and seemingly the attitude isn’t going anytime soon.

Following a flash crash on September 15 the prices of Bitcoin came below $3,000. The digital currency somehow managed to recover above $3,500. By September 18 it managed to crack the $4,000 barrier ever since its showdown. Unfortunately, Bitcoin was unable to cross the mark, and on September 21 it began crashing again.

Bitcoin started the trade at $3,900 in all the major exchange, except Chinese. The prices stumbled a bit by holding at around $3,850. However, in the afternoon the crypto price came plunging down at $3,600.

The price trend of the currency slowed slight raise on Thursday with the possible reason owing to the tweet from Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin, stating the China will not ban bitcoin mining. However, it was short-lived, and the prices came falling.

The price of Bitcoin was near $3,600 at the time of the print.