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Armory 0.92 Pre-Release Now Available

Armory 0.92 Pre Release Now Available

Armory Bitcoin wallet have established themselves as one of the most reliable and safe Bitcoin wallet's in the industry and now they have announced the release of version 0.92 shortly, with the release of version also known as the pre-release to version 0.92.

The new Armory version 0.92 will have tons of new features included in the software, ensuring the safety and stability of their service and your coins. Some of the new features includes:

  • Multi-Signature Lockboxes!  Full-featured interface for creating
    multi-signature addresses, funding them, and collecting
    signatures to spend/authorize them.
  • Simulfunding (Escrow) for Addresses and Lockboxes:  Use the
    "Multi-Sig" menu to prepare simulfunding to ANY
    arbitrary address, or click on the "Simul" checkbox in
    the lockbox manager if you are simulfunding a lockbox.
  • Upgraded Transaction History Export to CSV:  Added running balance
    reporting for individual and all wallets. Also fixed a bug where
    internal transfers within wallets were not being reported properly.
  • Armory Daemon Upgrades: has been upgraded
    substantially since version 0.91. This version has tons of new
    functionality matching bitcoind, as well as unique functionality
    including lockbox operations. Plan to have  complete functionality
    implemented and tested by version 0.93.
  • Root PUBLIC Key Export:  You  can now export just the root public
    key data that allows you to reconstruct your watching-only wallet.
    It is five lines that are easily printed or copied by hand. Could
    be used to provide someone a chain of addresses for multiple

Armory also advises anyone who is using an older version of their Bitcoin wallet to update their system, which can be done from their website.

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