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Apple Approves Zcash as Payment Option on iOS

Apple Approves Zcash as Payment Option on iOS

Multi-digital-currency platform Jaxx offering Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Dash support has announced that it is adding Zcash to its wallet. The new cryptocurrency will be available for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms.

In September 2016, Jaxx were asked by Apple to pull out the privacy-focused cryptocurrency Dash from its iOS application. It was Zcash that replaced it as a legitimate digital currency built on top of stable cryptographic work and technology.

Zcash caters to a high degree of anonymity and financial privacy, which is significant to all iOS users. In addition, Jaxx’s user-friendly interface is expected to further facilitate cryptocurrency transactions with Zcash.

The next project eagerly awaited by the virtual currency community is the availability of Zcash on Ethereum. Christian Reitwiessner of the Ethereum Foundation revealed details on the upcoming partnership, “One of the goals of the Zcash company, codenamed Project Alchemy, is to enable a direct decentralized exchange between Ethereum and Zcash. Connecting these two blockchains and technologies, one focusing on programmability and the other on privacy, is a natural way to facilitate the development of applications requiring both.”

Zcash is also planning to introduce five new features in the near future, two of which will be payment disclosure and user-issued tokens.