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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 36,188.14

Another hack, another crash: Bitcoin makes a 12 percent nosedive

Another hack another crash Bitcoin makes a 12 percent nosedive

The price of one bitcoin has decreased by 12 percent, after it was annouced that the Hong Kong exchange Bitfinex was hacked. Over 120,000 bitcoins with a total value of more than $60 million was looted.



As a response, the price of the bitcoin took a 20 percent nosedive. The course recovered a little and rose to 12 percent downfall. The price of one bitcoin is, at the moment of writing this, $572,48.



Bitfinex is one of the biggest trademarkets for the digital coin and has shut down all trades after discovering the terrible news. In the past month, over 600,000 bitcoins were traded via the exchange market.

There were also bitcoin-wallets stolen of users who stalled their money at Bitfinex. Authorities were enabled to track the criminals behind the hack.